Pigs - Stalls/Penning systems

VDL Agrotech has a wide global experience in the design of pighouses and pig projects. An efficient design with short working distance gives a direct saving on the investment costs of the building and a daily reduction of labour costs. The house interior contains high quality reliable components with a long lifetime.

VDL can offer you the best solution for different house designs and animal types: piglet nursery, farrowing, gestation and fatteners. Complete turnkey from drink nipple till manure system, according to European regulations 2013 or your local standards.


• Farrowing pens in several dimensions (width 1,65-1,85 mtr, length 2,4-2,5 mtr)
• Made of durable materials: galvanised/stainless steel/ plastic pen separations
• PP pen separations 3,5 cm thickness and 50 cm height
• Low piglet mortality caused by laying dead
• Electrical or hot water heating plates for piglet nest
• Piglet floorpart made of plastic
• Sow floor made of metal (cast iron)
• Perfect drain of manure, no pollution, very easy to clean
• Slurry tray systems for low ammonia emission and saving heating costs


• Plastics lat floors with good manure drain
• Special feed troughs with low spillage design
• Closed pen separations prevents draught and sick piglets
• Made of PP/PVC 3,5 cm thickness and 75 cm height
• Special drink nipples and bowls to avoid water spillage


• Sow crates made according Euro2013 guidelines
• Special designed for mating: easy to open, self-locking and provided with insemination hatch
• Solid, high quality galvanized
• Special light system improves the fertility and gives a higher amount of piglets/sow/year
• Every sow has it's own drink nipple and additional water supply during hot days


• Gestation sows in groups or individual depending on local standards
• Sow stations suitable for 40-60 sows with automatic registration by RF-ID system
• Special design with fixed or dynamic groups (40-60 / 100-400 sows)
• Small groups with 8-12 sows with special low speed feeding system
• Pen separation made of reinforced plastic (PP) 5 cm thickness and 120 cm height


• Open close pen seperations, depending on local climate
• Number of fatteners per pen: 10-50
• Large group system with 300-400 fatteners with automatic hog sorter station
• Depending on local standards 60-100% slats
• Pen separation made of reinforced plastic (PP) 5 cm thickness and 100 cm heigth
• Parts made of stainless steel of galvanized steel.
• Dry feeder or dry-wet feeders special designed for fatteners 20-120 kg

Special designs

Special designed buildings like:

• AI-boar stations, complete with all equipment
• Gilt rearing houses GGP – nucleus projects

Special ventilation

• Fresh nose systems for sows farrowing
• Air ducts for pre-conditioning
• SPF & Air filtering
• Air scrubbers

Slurry removal system

• Tubes
• Lockers
• Corners
• Et cetera